Any design based, Engineering team with at least 3 majors represented is eligible to earn academic credit. These are independent student organizations, and some members choose to curricularize their experience and earn academic credit. The Multidisciplinary Design Program offers a mechanism to do this.

Note: the majority of students participate in student organizations without earning academic credit. It is not a requirement of joining a team, but an option available for interested students.

For more information about the student organization teams, please visit the Wilson Student Team Project Center.

Process for earning academic credit on a student team:

  • Join the team! Become a contributing member.
  • Identify a faculty member (most often the faculty mentor of the team); get their permission to earn credit.
  • Meet with an MDP Academic Advisor for next steps and course permission/override.

Below are examples of student-led design teams where previous MDP students have earned academic credit.

Baja SAE

Baja SAE is an off-road racecar competition series organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Student teams from over 100 universities compete in multiple dynamic events, such as an endurance race, maneuverability course, sled pull, hill climb, and acceleration event. Teams are also judged for their work behind the scenes in design, sales, and cost. We design and build off-road racecars year-round in our dedicated workspace within the Wilson Student Team Project Center. Currently 33 members strong, Michigan Baja Racing always welcomes new undergraduate and graduate student recruits to join our team. For more information, please visit Baja SAE.


BLUElab is a University of Michigan student organization composed of nine project teams who are united through a sustainable, human centered design process. We believe that design is about people, and that the best designs are sustainable, taking into account all social, economic, and environmental impacts. Our project teams are multidisciplinary and emphasize collaboration with local and international stakeholders to ensure that identified needs are appropriately addressed. We offer students the opportunity to hone their interpersonal skills, engage in social responsibility, participate in an interactive design experience, and develop as servant leaders. For more information, please visit BLUElab.

Concrete Canoe

We are a collective of dedicated students working together to design, fabricate, construct, and decorate a canoe made entirely of concrete for the annual ASCE concrete canoe competition. Although many of our members are engineering students, we welcome and encourage membership from all majors. Our diverse group makes the Concrete Canoe Team both an interesting and incredibly fun experience. For more information, please visit Concrete Canoe.

Electric Motorcycle Racing (SPARK)

The Electric Motorcycle Team (SPARK) was founded in 2013 as a completely student-run project team. The team is committed to upholding the excellence in electric and mechanical engineering demonstrated at the University of Michigan. they aim to spread awareness of the capabilities and benefits of clean electric vehicular technology by involving students from all disciplines and complementing course work with real life engineering experiences and atmospheres. For more information, please visit Electric Motorcycle Racing.

Michigan Electric Racing

Michigan Electric Racing is a student-run team that designs, builds, and tests a formula-style electric race car while utilizing and developing the top engineers and leaders at the University of Michigan. Founded in 2011 as MHybrid, their mission is to design, build, test, and finance our own high-performance, hybrid-electric Formula-style racecar. The team then competes at the Formula Hybrid competition at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the spring against teams from all over the world. For more information, please visit Michigan Electric Racing.


MRacing is the University of Michigan’s Formula SAE team, founded in 1986. With over 25 years of experience, the engineering design team is continually pushing the envelope of vehicle design. In the summer of 2011 the team proved the value of this history by rising to #1 in the world after 6 consecutive top 10 competition finishes. With many of the same engineers still on the team, a newly formed business sector, and new exciting industry partnerships, MRacing is well-equipped to continue to succeed on the international level for the foreseeable future. For more information, please visit MRacing.

Human Powered Submarine

The University of Michigan Human-Powered Submarine design team nurtures student engineers’ industrial experience and inspires societal significance for marine engineering innovation by advancing the body of knowledge in watercraft design in a public forum and training future engineers in highly-transferable technical skills including conceptualization, drafting, machining, and testing. For more information, please visit Human Powered Submarine.


The Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) is committed to increasing student interest in high power rocketry at The University of Michigan. Our goal is to teach students about the basics of rocketry and to provide hands-on exposure to the design, build, and test phases of engineering. The program also seeks to research and experiment with growing areas of rocketry such as hybrid propulsion and composite materials. Every summer, MASA participates in the Inter-collegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in Utah. MASA enters student-developed rockets in both the Basic (10,000 ft) and Advanced (23,000 ft) Categories. We pride ourselves on having rockets and ground support systems designed, built, and tested almost entirely by MASA members. For more information, please visit MASA.


The Michigan Balloon Recovery and Satellite Testbed is a design team at the University of Michigan focused on flying scientific and satellite payloads on high-altitude weather balloons. These balloons reach altitudes upwarts of 100,000 ft and temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius. This near-space environment allows MBuRST to be a great testing platform for student-built space systems. For more information, please visit MBuRST.


M-Fly is a Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace (SAE) and Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Aircraft Design team at the University of Michigan dedicated to promoting opportunities for students to practice applying their knowledge to aerospace projects outside the classroom. Students of all majors and standing are welcome to join M-Fly. Anyone interested in remote controlled aircraft is encouraged to attend our weekly meetings and become an active member of the team. For more information, please visit M-Fly.


Michigan Health Engineered for All Lives, or M-HEAL, is focused on applying the knowledge of engineering students to work in global health. Undergraduate and graduate students from all engineering disciplines, business, design, biological sciences, and the humanities accomplish this goal through evaluating unmet medical needs in hospitals and clinics in the developing world and designing, building and testing medical devices to meet these needs. Additionally, M-HEAL regularly volunteers at World Medical Relief of Detroit to sort medical equipment/supplies to be sent to hospitals and clinics in need around the globe. For more information, please visit M-Heal.


The Student Space Systems Fabrication Laboratory (S3FL) is an organization dedicated to providing students with practical space systems design and fabrication experience not readily available through the academic curriculum. S3FL’s approach is to enhance education by coupling classroom knowledge with practicum experience involving real engineering design, analysis, test, fabrication, integration, and operation of actual flight vehicles and space payloads. For more information, please visit S3FL.

Solar Car

Our team is an entirely student run project team that designs, builds, and races the world’s fastest solar vehicles. With four engineering divisions; mechanical, electrical, aerodynamics, and strategy, as well as operations and business divisions, our team brings together students from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines to work together towards a common goal. For more information, please visit Solar Car.

Steel Bridge

The University of Michigan Steel Bridge Team (SBT) is an organization of dedicated students passionate about applying their technical knowledge to a hands-on, year-long engineering project. Our members are diverse in their skills, year, major, and discipline, each adding to our collective capacity. We enjoy taking our project from concept to reality through hard work and problem solving. We believe that this can only be accomplished by working together in a collaborative environment where everyone is welcome to share ideas and everyone takes pride in the final product. For more information, please visit Steel Bridge.


We are a team with the goal of designing the most fuel-efficient internal combustion concept car in North America. Every year, we create an entirely new car, which requires detailed planning and tight scheduling. The vehicle is built from the ground up, with every component from the carbon fiber shell to the steering system to the electric wiring made in house, by students. This year marks a new direction for Supermileage: our goal is now to focus on creating an efficient electric vehicle, with continuing research into gasoline motors on the side. For more information, please visit Supermileage.

UM Autonomy

UM Autonomy is an award winning, undergraduate team from the University of Michigan. Every year we build an autonomous boat to participate in the AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) Foundation Roboboat competition. The boat, which is completely designed and programmed by the students, must complete a wide range of challenges that are designed to expose students to the many difficulties of autonomous operation. For more information, please visit UM Autonomy.