Earn the Minor in Multidsciplinary Design through 4 key experiences:
Four navy diamonds in a row. Left to right: "Intro Design, Built, Test Experience," "Multi-Term Design Project," "Connections Course," and "Mentorship/Leadership Course."
1) Intro Design, Build Test Experience (2 – 4 credits)
  • The following courses have most commonly been used to fulfill the DBT (Design, Build, Test) Experience:
    • ENGR 100 (DBT sections only)
    • ENGR 255/355/455
    • BME 350
    • EECS 183
    • ME 250
    • ARTDES 120 or 130
  • The DBT requirement can be fulfilled through an additional semester on your multi-term project team.
  • Other approved courses on an individual basis.
2) Multi-Term Design Project (7+ credits)
  • This is the foundation of the minor in Multidisciplinary Design.
  • Connect with a project through student organizations; apply for corporate sponsored projects and FRST research labs at the MDP Project Opportunity Fair in October.
  • Earned at 300-level or higher across 2 or more terms to count toward the MDP minor.
  • Most common curricularization option: ENGR 355/455.
  • Other approved courses or projects on an individual basis.
3) Connections Course (3 – 4 credits)
  • Broadens your knowledge and your work on the Multi-Term Design Project.
  • Courses outside of your major (or, better yet, outside your college!) highly encouraged (core courses in your major are not eligible).
  • Student have earned Connections Course credit through classes in LSA, SI, Ross, and more!
4) Mentorship/Leadership Course (2 credits)
  • Enrollment through ENGR 456 only.
  • Complete simultaneous design team mentoring experience.
  • All Engineering undergraduate students are eligible for the MDP minor.
  • Others include Art & Design, LSA, Public Health. Ross, SI, SMTD, and more.
  • Current or previous earned academic credit on a Multi-Term Design Project.
Declare the Minor in Multidisciplinary Design
  • Be in good academic standing based on an earned U-M GPA (minimum 2.0).
  • First-year students should wait until their second semester/after declaring a major.
  • Transfer students are eligible to declare during their first semester at U-M.
  • Ready to to declare the Minor in Multidisciplinary Design?
    • Schedule an appointment with the MDP Academic Advisor here.