Want to speak with someone?

Visit virtually with an Immersed Hub Staff Member M-F 10a-4p

Visit the Immersed Hub (W only) 10a-4p in 245 Chrysler Center

Or click HERE to make an advising appointment!


Virtual Walk-In Peer Advising Hours

Weekdays 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Virtual only via Slack and via Zoom

Best for:
– general information about the minor
– hearing from another student about their experiences in MDP
– how to connect with a project team
– learning how to make the most of your MDP experience

MDP’s Networking Groups on Slack!

What are networking groups?
They are channels in the OfficialMDP slack to be a space for students between MDP teams to connect and network with their others in their major or similar teams.

What majors are there?
Electrical and Computer Engineering (#ece_network)
Computer Science and Engineering (#cse_network)
Mechanical Engineering (#meche_network)
Aerospace Engineering (#aero_network)
Data Science (#datasci_network)
Multidisciplinary, any major welcome! (#multi_network)

How do I use these groups?
A virtual way across MDP teams to connect to offer or obtain help on your projects.
A place to post resources to help with classes, such as study groups organized by student organizations.
A way to find other students in your classes to create your own study groups and professional networks.
A place to get advice from more senior students on how to succeed in a class or general information about classes and study strategies.
A place to post relevant events to the major, such as talks or seminars.

How do I join?
Add yourself to the desired channel based on your major or what you are interested in. There is no limit on how many you can join!
Go to the top left of the Slack and under Channels select “Add channels” and then “Browse channels”
Select the desired channel and then “Join”
Now you should have the channel appear under your list of channels on the left hand side.
Note: This chat is reserved for MDP students only and MDP reserves the right to remove people. The CoE Honor Code applies and this line is moderated.

MDP Academic Advising Hours

 Need more time? 1:1 academic advising appointments are available.

Best for:
– declaring the minor
– MDP minor course planning
– Connection Course discussion
– other in-depth questions

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