Peer Advising Hours
Peer Advising Hours are offered every weekday during the academic year from 1:30 – 3:30 pm in our main office: 117 Chrysler Building, 2121 Bonisteel Boulevard. Come learn about MDP from a current MDP student!

Best for:
– general information about the minor
– hearing from another student about their experiences in MDP
– how to connect with a project team
– learning how to make the most of your MDP experience

MDP Academic Advising Hours

Need more time? 1:1 academic advising appointments are available all summer long. Email our program at to schedule.

Best for:

  • specific questions about MDP projects (please take a moment to review our project options first!)
  • declaring the minor
  • MDP minor course planning
  • Connection Course discussion
  • other in-depth questions

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