Mentor a One-Year Industry Sponsored Team

“It gives me great pleasure to work with small teams of self-motivated students on projects they know will have immediate impact on the company sponsors. MDP recruits the students and manages all administrative details of the projects, and I get to focus on the parts I enjoy: watching the students learn and providing mentorship as they tackle these real, engineering challenges.”

— Sugih Jamin, Associate Professor, EECS

Faculty Mentors for Partner-Sponsored Projects (externally-sponsored teams) work directly with teams of 5-7 students on small, year-long student projects in conjunction with an external partner/client (industrial, non-profit, entrepreneurial, governmental).

Benefits for faculty include:

  • High engagement with a small group of select multidisciplinary students
  • The opportunity to mentor students in professional practice
  • Relationship building with industrial partners
  • Additional compensation
  • 1 calendar year commitment to the program

Faculty Mentors are a very important, core element of the MDP Program. Since 2007, over 72 members of the UM Faculty community have supported students on MDP teams.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Jennifer Carlson, Program Manager at