The Multidisciplinary Design Program provides team-based, “learn by doing” opportunities through participation on research, industry, and student org teams. With MDP, you can: apply what you learn in class to engineering design projects; gain the technical and professional skills necessary to thrive in engineering research or professional settings; and experience how people from multiple disciplines collaborate within a team. The MDP program is open to first year undergraduate through professional masters students from across the university.

Who do we serve

Four text boxes with the MDP logo in the center of the graphic. The first box is labeled, "Undergraduate and Masters Students, second is "Faculty and Researcheres," then "External Partners," then "Greater University Community."

Student Projects

Three yellow circles on a zig-zag yellow line. The first circle is labeled "255 projects," the second "2000 students," the third "90 sponsors."

MDP Quick Facts

Pie chart with 70% representing "Engineering," and remaining 30% divided among 13 other university departments.
Grid of 25 navy circles with one yellow circle in the second row. Caption says between 5 and 50 students plus 1 faculty.
Five cartoon arms of varying lengths. From left to right, "First Year," "Sophomore," "Junior," "Senior," "Masters."
Zig-zag yellow arrow following five steps: Accepted in 9 schools and colleges, Participate in a multi-term design team, Learn the design process, Broaden your skills, and Mentor a team.
Yellow infinity arrow with "Winter Semester" in the left hole and "Fall Semester" in the right hole.
Four puzzle pieces joined in a diamond shape. The pieces are labeled "Faculty Research," "Student Organization," "Partner Sponsored," and "Student Initiated."