Headshot of Gail Hohner

Gail Hohner

As the Director of the University of Michigan’s Multidisciplinary Design Program, Gail is responsible for a team delivering a wide range of significant, on-campus experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate and Masters students focusing on the engineering design process, developing new models of experiential learning (often piloted jointly with other organizations), and providing evaluation and assessment of the educational outcomes of the program. In 2015, she received a joint award of the Provost’s Prize for Teaching Innovation.

  • Member, External Advisory Board, The Ohio State University Department of Engineering Education
  • 2017 Division Chair, Design in Engineering Education Division, American Society of Engineering Education
  • Advisory Board Member, C-SED, University of Michigan’s Center for Socially Engaged DesignAdvisory Board Member, MECC, University of Michigan’s Engaging Communities in the Classroom
  • Advisory Board Member, MECC, University of Michigan’s Engaging Communities in the Classroom

She brings 17 years of global industrial experience, including leading global research in game theory/combinatorial auction design, commodity forecasting, business analysis, consumer product development, and primary chocolate research. While in industry she created a number of University/Industry research partnerships. In addition, she was a founding member of a successful internet-based logistics website and maintains a small consulting practice in procurement auction design. Gail holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Food Science, both awarded by Cornell University.