Nuclear Engineering NERS 499 Credit on an MDP Project

Nuclear Engineering students with senior standing are eligible to earn Nuclear Engineering RISE project/NERS 499 credit on pre-approved MDP Sponsored Projects (during the second semester of their project only). Students who successfully complete all requirements of NERS 499 are able to count their MDP project toward NERS electives.

Students enrolling in ENGR 355/455 only can count these credits towards the technical electives (NERS students need 7 total credits of 300lvl+ math, physics, and/or engineering).

Enrollment Plan: NERS students earning NERS 499 credit on an MDP Project

Winter Semester Fall Semester

ENGR 355 or 455 (depending on standing)

(4 credit hours)

Counts as Technical Elective Credits

NERS 499

(3 credit hours)

Counts as NERS elective

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In order to earn NERS 499 credit for their MDP project, students must complete all requirements of both courses (as outlined by the MDP program and the NERS department).

  • Students are responsible for enrolling in the appropriate NERS 499 section and meeting periodically with their NERS 499 faculty advisor for project guidance.  The NERS 499 faculty advisor will either be (1) The MDP mentor if they are part of the NERS department, or (2) the NERS undergraduate curriculum chair / department chair. 
  • Students are responsible for completing the NERS 499 assignment requirements:
    • NERS Independent Study Form & project abstract – due the first week of classes in September
    • Final report – due the final day of classes in December
  • To meet this requirement, students may need to extend a portion of the MDP team’s project scope and identify a specific deliverable for the project that is independent from effort by their teammates.  Students may utilize work produced by the team in their individual assignments so long as material is clearly identified.  The scope of the NERS 499 work  must have approval from the MDP Faculty Mentor and the NERS 499  faculty advisor (if the MDP Faculty Mentor is an NERS-approved mentor, they could be the same person).

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