Jared (Tianyi) Chai

SOCR team


Major: Dual-Baccalaureate in Business Administration and Industrial & Operations Engineering, ’21

Minor: Computer Science

Jared is pursuing a Dual-Baccalaureate in Business Administration and Industrial & Operations Engineering with a minor in computer science. He currently works as the research project lead for the Statistics Online Computational Research (SOCR) team. Past projects he has worked on for SOCR include: DSPA Appendix 5, RShiny Probability Distribution Calculators, Gray Rain Virtual Hospital. His current projects include a RShiny Web Application Development Manual and a MIMIC-III Data Wrangling and Analytics Manual. 

“MDP has better prepared me for pursuing a career in research and academics. It has been a great experience to learn research methodologies; in addition, my MDP experience taught me the importance of proactiveness, which will be valuable anywhere I go in the future.”

Jared is currently applying to PhD programs in Finance to begin in the Fall of 2021.