Abhinav Reddy

Abhinav Reddy

MDP Alumni


Major: B.S.E. Electrical Engineering ‘18

Abhinav Reddy participated in the Backyard Brains MDP projectworking on Signal Processing. He’s had a lot of classroom experience as he has been pursuing his degree in electrical engineering. While he has been learning a lot in the classroom, he had much to say in his MDP experience:

“Working with my team to resolve differences between the needs of our multiple stakeholders gave me experience working in a new type of situation, different from the work I would have seen in a traditional class. This gave me a better perspective about what working in industry might be like. Creating an entire system from beginning to end also gave a sense of scope to my education as a Michigan Engineer.”

We hope that Abhinav can continue to excel in his studies and become one of the leaders and the best that will make a difference in the world.