Mechanical Engineering ME 590 Credit on an MDP Project

1. Mechanical Engineering Master’s students are eligible to earn Mechanical Engineering Independent Research Credit (ME 590) on pre-approved MDP Projects.

2. Students must enroll in 3 credit hours of ME 590, available during the second semester of their project only.

3. Students must successfully complete all requirements of both courses (as outlined by the MDP program and the ME department)

4. Please see the ME Independent Research Credit website for more information on the requirements and process.


Enrollment Plan: ME Students earning ME 590 credit on an MDP Project

Winter Semester Fall Semester
ENGR 599 (1 credit hour) ME 590 (3 credit hours)

Click here to see all projects eligible for ME 590 credit.

Research Advisor & Proposal Requirements

(1) For students whose MDP faculty mentor is not an ME faculty member, you will register for ME 590 under the ME Graduate Chair (currently Prof. Kazu Saitou).

(2) Students are responsible for properly submitting their Independent Research Credit proposal, and acquiring approval by posted deadlines. Projects must involve significant ME content and may not be “build only” or project management.

(3) To meet this requirement and to develop the proposal, students need to extend a portion of the MDP team’s project scope and identify a specific deliverable for the project that is independent from teammates’ effort (though students may reference and cite relevant work from team members).

(4) This scope extension/ME 590 proposal must have approval from the current MDP Faculty Mentor and the ME Independent Research Credit approval committee.