Computer Engineering MDE (Major Design Experience) on an MDP Project

1.  Students who complete ANY MDP sponsored project will be allowed to use it to satisfy the CE MDE requirement, and it will count for 4 credits of Flexible Technical Electives.

(1)  In order to satisfy the CE degree requirements, however, these students will be required to take another 4 credit upper-level CE technical elective (not necessarily a CE MDE) chosen from the list given in the CE program guide. These credits can be used toward the total of 10 credits Upper Level CE Electives currently required.

Please note: A maximum of 4 credits of directed or independent study or multidisciplinary design work may be applied to Technical Elective Requirements, which includes any of these credits used to satisfy Major Design Experience and Flexible Technical Electives. Anything beyond 4 credits will be applied toward General Electives.

(2)  You may request special permission to use an MDE project course from another program (including the Multidisciplinary Design Program) (must be approved by CE Chief Program Advisor).

2.  Students must enroll in 4 credit hours of ENGR 455 in the semester that they receive MDE credit.

All MDP projects are two terms: the MDE substitution occurs in the Fall/2nd semester of the project.

3.  Students must have senior standing by the second semester of the MDP project.

4.  Technical Communications 496 AND EECS 496 should be elected concurrently in the semester MDE substitution is made.


Enrollment Plan: CE student earning MDE credit on an MDP Project

Winter Semester Fall Semester
ENGR x55 (3 credit hours) ENGR 455 (4 credit hours)
+ EECS 496 (2 credit hours)
+ TCHNCLCM 496 (2 credit hours)

Click here to see all projects pre-approved for CE MDE (Major Design Experience) substitution.

Students who do NOT have Senior standing/are otherwise ineligible to earn MDE may be eligible to use ENGR 355 or 455 under Directed Study rule:
Directed Study Rule: Up to 4 credit hours of independent study (EECS 399, EECS 499, ENGR 355, ENGR 455, or other technical department’s independent study courses) may be used as Flexible Technical Electives.