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Union Pacific runs trains all across the United States and with that comes many challenges. As we continue to build our systems, we need to ensure that the data being sent around our network is clean, in sync with other systems, and is easy to query. Students on the Union Pacific team will design and develop the components for building a comprehensive business data store structure and analytics model that will allow easy access to petabytes worth of data from a multitude of devices and systems.
The JPMorgan Chase project team will design and deliver an analytics tool that will monitor and evaluate the current task work assignments of 2,200 global JPMC team members. The tool will recommend reassignment of project work between staff to better balance workloads and improve on-time delivery. All student team members will become JPMC 2022 Summer Interns based in Chicago, Il.
Honda Research and Development is leading advancements in the area of mobility, power units, energy, and robotics. The students on the Honda team will work to develop simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms for a small Parallax robot to identify and navigate 2D planes using a time-offlight camera.
ProQuest is an educational technology company which provides academic libraries with Rialto, a marketplace which supports evidence-based, data-driven decisions for intelligent book acquisition. Students on this team will use machine learning techniques to deliver a proof of concept system which reliably predicts the likelihood of winning a book award, for each book published in a given year.
Cat Digital, at Caterpillar Inc., uses Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and advanced analytics to provide prognostic alerts to customers notifying them of potential issues with their equipment to prompt proactive maintenance. Students on this team will analyze and model transactional data to better understand and accurately predict how customers respond to maintenance alerts.
Principal is on the path to implementing new technology to better serve customers, but in the meantime, we face a challenge in serving our existing clients on legacy platforms. This team will be tasked to design a tool to extract customer policy and demographic data from a mainframe system and run it through an actuarial pricing database to provide a premium quote to existing customers.
In order for critical driver alert systems to be universally effective, they must be designed with the broad population in mind, including people with accessibility concerns. The students on the Arriver team will research and design a driver alert system that specifically targets drivers with accessibility issues such as deafness and color blindness.