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What is MDP?

Today, the range of engineering applications has grown so large and diverse that it is difficult to come to a single definition for any one discipline. What is common throughout the process is design or creation. While each engineer begins by studying a single discipline, in actual practice almost all engineers work on teams combining skills from many disciplines. We call this process Multidisciplinary Design.

The Multidisciplinary Design Program in the College of Engineering offers students a wide variety of exciting, long-term, team-based projects. We partner with research faculty and industry leaders to bridge the gap between the classroom and professional experience. In addition, the Multidisciplinary Design Program pilots new models for experiential learning and conducts educational methods research to improve the quality of the experiential learning opportunities we offer.

"My MDP project has really benefited me, especially since starting with [my current employer]. I've worked on several products in their durable medical equipment portfolio, and I definitely pull on experiences I had with the Stryker EMS team."

-- Drew Nikolai, MDP Alumni

How to Join MDP

Students participate in MDP by joining a Faculty Research or externally-sponsored project, attending a technical workshop or traveling with us on one of our industry site visits.

The program is focused on engineering projects, but is open to any student currently enrolled at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus. Undergraduate students may complete a minor in Multidisciplinary Design awarded from the college of engineering. Eleven UM colleges are represented in the MDP student body: Engineering (82%) also represented are Literature, Sciences & the Arts, School of Information, Art & Design, Ross School of Business, School of Music Theater and Dance, Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning, School of Kinesiology, School of Social Work, School of Education, and many more..




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