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Lauren Peterson


Major: Computer Engineering
MDP Team: Woven Wind
Role: Electrical Subteam Lead

"MDP really helped me with large scale project planning and working with people with different disciplines. I really benefited in my class design projects by already having experience on Woven Wind"


Max Blackburn


Major: Electrical Engineering
Previous MDP Team: Sensor Network Laboratory
Role: Electronics Subteam Member

“This helps me fulfill my idea of what an engineering student should learn about, especially at the University of Michigan; I am getting hands-on experience working with actual circuitry and creating a product that I can call my own with guidance from helpful friends and world class faculty. There is no substitution for this kind of experience, and it allows me to envision the kind of work I would like to complete at the graduate level once I graduate. Involvement with various projects within MDP, not just with Mapleseed but also with Woven Wind, have let me grow as both a student and a person while expanding my knowledge of a field I value greatly”


Liz Gardner


Major: Mechanical Engineering
Previous MDP Team: Concrete Canoe
RoleQuality Control

“Some of my best memories at Michigan have been from the concrete canoe team. It's been great to be apart of a team and to actually create something and take it to competition. I've learned so much about working in a team and about a ton of things I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn in my major”


Abhinav Reddy


Major: Electrical Engineering
Current Status: Current Student at U of M
Previous MDP Team:Backyard Brains,Signal Processing

“Working with my team to resolve differences between the needs of our multiple stakeholders gave me experience working in a new type of situation, different from the work I would have seen in a traditional class. This gave me a better perspective about what working in industry might be like. Creating an entire system from beginning to end also gave a sense of scope to my education as a Michigan Engineer”