Founded in 1960, Domino’s Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery and digital ordering technology. It ranks among the world’s top public restaurant brands with a global enterprise of more than 11,700 stores in over 75 international markets. Although primarily known for pizza delivery, carryout orders have become a crucial part of Domino’s business, growing to approximately 30% of orders placed in the US. Growth in carryout continues as Domino’s promotes this profitable part of their business through carryout-only specials. As such, there is a relatively new focus for them on optimizing the carryout customer experience. Domino’s is currently in the middle of a multi-year store re-imaging and relocation process, turning their once delivery-focused stores into consumer-friendly retail destinations. There is also a dedicated team of customer experience and technology experts focused on improving the carryout customer experience using both process improvements and technology.

Domino’s is ready to implement a student-designed, cost-efficient self-serve in store system that will allow prepaid customers to skip the line and pick up their order. The MDP team’s project deliverable represents key components of Domino’s vision for an improved pickup customer experience, which is:

  1. Pizza Pickup Station sits on or near the counter which contains between 8-12 heated boxes with locked doors. When orders are ready for pickup, Domino’s team members place them in a pickup box.
  2. Customer enters Domino’s store to pick up their order and, if the order has been paid for, uses the Domino’s ordering app to unlock the door corresponding to their order.
  3. A system/process needs to be created to inform the Domino’s team member which box to place the order in, AND/OR a system/process needs to be created to inform the Domino’s customer which box contains their order.

If successful, this technology has applications in many “pick up” situations.

This project requires two subteams that are well-integrated and effective collaborators:

  • Mechanical Lock Subteam (Design a secure pizza staging area)
    This subteam will design a working prototype of an electro-mechanical lock/door system that can be triggered by a command from the net/local wireless
  • Android Mobile App Subteam
    This subteam will deliver an app able to identify the correct pizza order and open a secure section of the pizza staging area to deliver the pizza. Students with experience and interest in mobile app development will design an intuitive app with high usability that will include a locking signal implementation. The Mobile App subteam must incorporate an appropriate level of security within the App. The team will develop the functionality as an API that the Domino’s team can integrate into their ordering app at a later date. For testing a test fixture UI can be developed. The Domino’s native app team can work with the MDP team on the design which will include the API and a Java Service layer to broker information to and from the Domino’s test stores.

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