Sponsor Experiences in MDP

Kevin S.,
Vice President,
Wholesale Loan Technology – Investment Bank

…I wanted to share my observations about the 5 students from the University of Michigan who worked on my team. To put a point on it, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by these young men. They are a great bunch who demonstrated maturity, intelligence, persistence, teamwork, and enthusiasm during the 10 weeks they were with us, transforming an idea into a tangible product that has received a lot of interest from our Loan Operations teams. It’s been a mutually rewarding experience.  This team has set the bar very high for future students and will be a tough act to follow.  They have represented the University of Michigan and the Multidisciplinary Design Program very well, and you and the faculty are to be commended. Whatever the MDP is doing, keep doing it, because it clearly works! I hope we have the pleasure again next year.


Brad H.,
Union Pacific, 
Cost & Planning

…I’ll start by saying that the MDP program’s partnership with Union Pacific in 2015 was an enormous success. From the start in early 2015, through their time in Omaha during the summer, until they wrapped up their portion of the project just a few short weeks ago, this team did a remarkable job. Each team member provided valuable contributions to the project and worked extremely hard to achieve our end goal. The team worked very well together as well as with the employees at Union Pacific. Their professionalism, technical skills, and work ethic was extremely impressive and spoke volumes to the quality of the University of Michigan and the MDP program. Addison, Maddie, Sheila, Samantha, and Zhimeng should all be extremely proud of their accomplishments.
We would like to thank all those involved for what was a wonderful experience and hope for the continued success of the MDP program.

Dennis M.,
VP Product Development

…Navistar is very pleased with your Multidisciplinary Design Program and we continue to leverage it extensively. Your students’ on-campus project and their subsequent internships here produced tremendous results and great value for Navìstar. This ongoing project is certain to continue on that path.


K. Thiran Jayasundera MD,

…The Multidisciplinary Program has been vital to the success of this project. We could not have developed a team so passionate about the goals of our project. or with such complementary skills, without such a program. Each of the students working with us has brought not only a unique perspective, but different skills related to computer vision, database management, interface design, and others. The way the program seeks to match students to a specific project is well-designed and has been very effective. The fact that there are multiple layers to the program is also well-thought­out and well-executed. Our students can readily demonstrate how much they have learned, and talk with excitement about how this has been a great opportunity for them. Our graduate student has had the opportunity to mentor others, and the whole team has now had the opportunity for additional
publications and patents.