The Multidisciplinary Design Program was founded in 2007.  From serving 20 students in 2007 to providing professional development activities, experiential learning and team-based projects to over 2,500 students since, this growth would not be possible without the generous gifts from our alumni and partners.

You can contribute to MDP through your personal or corporate donations. Your gift, large or small, will have an immediate impact to help stellar Wolverine students shift their education from the traditional classroom into hands-on, lifelong learning

We foster creative thinking, encourage big ideas and help students advance innovation to solve challenges in industry and research. From launching a time capsule into outer space, to optimizing health care, our students develop the knowledge and skill to transform the world.

If you’re interested in a future that improves upon the present, there’s no better way to invest than supporting the hands-on, applied education of talented Wolverine students. The innovations that emerge from teams of students in the Multidisciplinary Design Program are a catalyst for positive change.

Join us, and together we can harvest the collective power of giving: your gift will help us fund students’ work over the summer, afford the development of novel and exciting curriculum pilots, and provide an overall investment in educational research and the pedagogy of experiential learning.

However you choose to support the program, your gift — of any size — will make a significant impact.

With your gift, MDP will create more experiential learning opportunities for students, pilot new educational models, and serve more students across campus.

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept online gifts from Leaders & Best, University of Michigan.