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The UARTS Faculty Engineering/Arts Student Team (FEAST) will explore current participatory design theory and practices and ideatefabricate/produce; and test a participatory design piece/s that will move forward our understanding and application of participatory design. Participatory design has become now a central issue in modern design thinking. Exploration of the participatory design (understood as the active integration of users in project, or codesign) spans a multitude of domains – from contemporary art to customer experience strategies, from health education to policymaking. Participatory design experiments with onset expectations for forms, shapes, media, functions, and context, and facilitates a dialogue between a user (addressee) and artist/designer (addresser). Initial projects may include “Missing Migrants of Mediterranean” (with the focus on migration routes, and connectedness), and “Data Alienation” (data and accessibility) but are not limited to these alone. Once formed, the team will be encouraged to select and scope their own topic, as part of the active ideation and iteration process.

Meeting Time
Offline: Wednesdays, 4:005:30pm OR
Online: Wednesdays, 6:007:30pm

Students apply to a specific role on team as follows:

User Experience Research & Design (2 Students)

Preferred Skills: Ideation, user research, contextual inquiry, diagramming (user flows)

Likely Majors: CS, SI, PSYCH, SOC, SW

Data Science (2 Students)

Preferred Skills: Data analysis, data visualization (Python, R, Tableau)

Likely Majors: CE, CS, SI

Graphic Arts & Design (2 Students)

Preferred Skills: Sketching/drawing, basic graphic design, interest in art object design

Likely Majors: ARTDES, ARCH, IOE

Faculty Project Lead

 Vadim Besprozvany is a Lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Information. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in interaction design, visual design and communications, mentors independent studies in emotional design, animation, branding and identity, and design language. He is an ArtsEngine faculty liaison (UMSI) and is interested in growing intellectual collisions and collaborative practices driven by the arts, design, and engineering. He serves as a curator and consultant at the Odesa Contemporary ArtsMuseum (MSIO, Ukraine), and participates in art(co)archive initiative, which is dedicated to Ukrainian contemporary art. Besprozvany’s primary research areas include visual rhetoric, semiotics, media, cultural studies, and communications theory. He received his B.A./M.A.from Tartu University, Estonia, and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

Students: 6


Summer Opportunity: Summer research fellowships may be available for qualifying students.

Citizenship Requirements: This project is open to all students on campus.

IP/NDA: Students who successfully match to this project team will be required to sign an Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement prior to participation in January 2021.

Course Substitutions: CoE Honors