Union Pacific is the second largest landowner in the United States (after the U.S.A Federal Government) and many people at times require access to the land managed by UP’s Real Estate department. The student team will redesign and deliver a new business system to replace the current paper based process.

UP’s Real Estate department manages the thousands of acres of land near our 32,200 miles of track. The current workflow and data storage of the department is outdated. The current process presents many operational challenges:

(1) Predominantly paper and fax based and requires physical referencing of original documents. Some of those documents originate from the founding of Union Pacific and a few are even signed by Abraham Lincoln

(2) Includes manual data entry with a high error rate

(3) Poor customer experience involving paper applications and communication through USPS.

The student team of data analysts and developers, supported by current expert UP users, will evaluate the existing paper applications, the ideal business process, and the data systems that this workflow will need to rely on. The ultimate goal is a complete design of the front end, the workflow of the application system, and the database structure it will rely on. This team will bring the system into the 21st century by providing fully electronic workflows for all sub teams within Real Estate.

The 2021 UP Cohort team will deliver a comprehensive business process, data structure, and UI design as well as developing the components of the system.

UP Development Environment:
The new system will be developed using Oracle, Angular, and Java services. Students will be able to access the environment via virtual machines in the UP system.

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