The JPMorgan Chase project team will design and deliver a real-time digital dashboard to track loan activity on three client-facing portals. The dashboard will provide highly valuable data for the product owner business team, customer servicing representatives, and the CLP Digital technology team. All team members will become JPMC Summer Interns based in Jersey City, NJ.

As we look to further expand services and digital adoption, there is an increasing need for aggregated and organized information to support timely, strategic decision-making. The Commercial Loan Portal team requires a central application / dashboard where we can monitor key indicators to track real-time usage and support strategic decision making. There is currently a need to aggregate three Digital External Customer Portals (i.e., Chase Connect, JPM Access, JPM Online). The current monitoring process is cumbersome and does not meet the needs of client-facing digital application. The new application will provide data in real-time, in one location, where it can easily support trending analysis to help troubleshoot possible problem areas and help our overall DevOps effectiveness.

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