Cat® Digital, at Caterpillar Inc., serves a diverse user base through an e-Commerce site with visitors including personal consumers, sole proprietors, and large organizations. Students on this team will analyze e-commerce site clickstream data, and develop algorithms to classify unique customer types, developing dynamic website content to best serve each persona.

eCommerce is an important part of Caterpillar’s business. Due to our global footprint and product line, our customers are diverse, ranging from personal consumers who own one backhoe to large organizations with fleets of heavy machinery. This creates a challenge to design an eCommerce site that positively impacts each user’s experience individually.

The student team will develop personas that will be dynamically identified based on clickstream analysis of our eCommerce site and user information from various Caterpillar internal sources. These personas will then be used to dynamically tailor web content to better suit a detected persona (including funnel stage) and improve site performance.

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