UMTRI: Automotive Cybersecurity

UMTRI: Automotive Cybersecurity

This VIP team is focused on the design and implementation of an automotive intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS), a promising automotive cybersecurity solution that is likely to appear in upcoming models of passenger vehicles. Presently, very little is publicly available and this project aims to introduce significant innovation in this space, publish results, and educate the automotive cybersecurity community. Part of this project entails the development of electronic attacks on a vehicle in order to test, and eventually improve, prototype IDPS solutions. The project will use a test vehicle and the MTC test track (MCity) for real-world testing of IDPS solutions.

 The Michigan Mobility Transformation Center (MTC)

The MTC was launched in 2013 to develop Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan as a living laboratory for advanced mobility systems. The MTC will design and evaluate specific technologies, with the vision of creating an attractive mobility system that directly engages users. Cybersecurity is an essential research aspect of the MTC, required for the safety of connected and automated vehicles.

More Information: 2017-Cybersecurity

Students who successfully match to this faculty research team will be required to sign the following document in January 2017:

Student IP Agreement for Faculty Research Teams

How to Apply

Project Features

  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 5-14
  • Likely Majors CE, CS, ECE, EE, IOE, MATH, ME, STATS
  • Course Substitutions ECE Cognate
  • IP & NDA Required? Yes
  • Summer Opportunity Summer Funding Application
  • System Design, Architecture, & Framework (4 Students)

    Preferred Skills: experience with network design, data structures/database design

    • Likely Majors: CSE/CS-LSA, EE, ECE, ME, IOE, STATS, MATH
  • Defense Subteam: Detection Algorithm (2 Students)

    Preferred Skills: general programming, experience with heuristics/machine learning

    • Likely Majors: ME, IOE, CSE/CS-LSA, STAT, MATH
  • Defense Subteam: Prevention Mechanisms (2 Students)

    Preferred Skills: general programming, interest/experience in general security prevention mechanisms

    • Likely Majors: CSE/CS-LSA, CE, ECE
  • Attack Subteam (4 Students)

    Preferred Skills: general programming, interest/experience in cybersecurity

    • Likely Majors: CSE/CS-LSA, CE, ECE, IOE
  • Apprentice Researcher (2 Students)

    Requirements: interest in project material, willingness to develop skills. OPEN TO FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES ONLY.

    • Likely Majors: ANY

Faculty Sponsor: Di MaDi Ma
Visiting Professor at University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Dr. Ma is an Associate Professor at the CIS department of University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she leads the Security and Forensics Research Laboratory (SAFE Lab). She obtained her Ph.Dd degree from the University of California, Irvine in 2009. She has worked with IBM at the Almaden Research Center (Summer 2008) and the Institute for Infocomm Research in Singapore (2000~2005). Research-wise, Dr. Ma is broadly interested in the general area of security, privacy, and applied cryptography. Her work spans a wide range of topics, including computation over authenticated/encrypted data, fine-grained access control, secure storage systems, wireless network security, smartphone security and privacy, and more. Her research is supported by NSF, AFOSR, and Intel.