Big Data for All – Accessible Knowledge for Business Groups

Big Data for All – Accessible Knowledge for Business Groups

Companies who can successfully work with large datasets to drive strategy and decision-making is a significant competitive advantage.    Many companies collect and store huge amounts of data, but their competitive advantage only manifests when they turn their “big data” into decisions. Turning data from disparate systems into Information that is understandable and accessible in a simple and user friendly manner is very challenging.  UP believes that higher utilization of Information will occur when business users can access “Big Data” in a self-service manner.   Creating a tool for non-technical business users to be self sufficient with “Big Data” will turn Information into decisions much more quickly, and this will make UP more competitive.

Students who join this MDP team will design, develop and deliver a data visualization software tool that brings the right data to the maximum number of non-technical users within a business group. The current system is in an Oracle data base which is migrating to Hadoop. The typical users within UP business groups do not have the technical skill to extract the data that they need from the new system. Currently business groups utilize IT support on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to extract the data that they need when the data sets get too large for SQL server or Microsoft Access environments. This situation is costly to the business: not just because IT resources are required, but also because time is lost and/or decisions are made with incomplete Information.

More Information: 2017-UnionPacific

Students who successfully match to this project team will be required to sign the following two documents in January 2017:

Student IP Agreement for this Project Team
Student Non-Disclosure Agreement for this Project Team
How to Apply

Project Features

  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 5-7
  • Likely Majors A&D, BBA, CS, DATA, IOE, MIDAS, SI
  • Course Substitutions EECS 498, CSE-G, SI, Honors, A&D Elec, MIDAS
  • IP & NDA Required? Yes
  • Summer Opportunity Interview Guaranteed
  • Programming and Data Manipulation (3-4 Students)

    • Likely Majors: CSE/CS-LSA, Data Science, MIDAS
  • Human Factors / Business Systems Development (1-2 Students)

    • Likely Majors: Information (SI), IOE, BBA
  • User Interface Design (1-2 Students)

    UI/UX Design, usability studies, graphic design experience/interest desireable

    • Likely Majors: Information (SI), A&D

Faculty Mentor: Barzan Mozafari2017 Stryker projects
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Barzan Mozafari leads a research group designing the next generation of scalable databases using advanced statistical models. Prior to that, he was a Postdoctoral Associate at MIT. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA in 2011. His research career has led to many successful open-source projects, including CliffGuard (the first robust framework for database tuning), DBSeer (the first automated database diagnosis tool), and BlinkDB (the first massively parallel approximate query engine). He has won the National Science Foundation CAREER award, as well as several best paper awards in ACM SIGMOD and EuroSys. He is also a co-founder of DBSeer and a strategic advisor to SnappyData, a company that commercializes the ideas introduced by BlinkDB.
Sponsor Mentor: Andrew Henrichsen2017 Stryker projects

Andrew joined Union Pacific in 2003 in UP’s Equipment Accounting Group. In the last ten plus years with the rail road Andrew has accumulated multiple IT responsibilities including production support for more than 70 systems. The systems are largely Financial in nature and impact business activities from the collection of all freight revenue totaling more than $20 billion to costing systems to operational data for reporting and net work planning activities. With responsibilities for so many systems that produce revenue, cost, and operational statistics Andrew’s teams are active in Union Pacific’s Big Data efforts. Prior to joining Union Pacific Andrew was a developer for a Fiserv company writing banking software for the largest distributor of commercial banking software in the United States. Andrew has an Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Iowa State University and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Nebraska Omaha.

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