Personalized Pop-Tarts – Mobile App + 3D Printed Designs

Personalized Pop-Tarts – Mobile App + 3D Printed Designs

3D Printed Pop-Tarts: Bringing families together through the delight of personalized Pop-Tart designs

Students will deliver a complete working system to personalize the face of a Pop-Tart by creating an Android Mobile App user interface integrated to modified 3D food printer, and developing an optimal “frosting” material for the system.

This project will challenge students to work together in a truly multidisciplinary manner to deliver the best product possible for the user. The user “drawing” options will need to be balanced with the capability of the print/frosting systems to deliver a physical rendering of the design on the screen. Mechanical design and “frosting” formulation design choices will have significant impact on each other.

A number of commercial 3D food printers have become available over the past 5 years. Our team has evaluated a range of those available; No working “off the shelf” option exists that meets our requirements. The students will start from existing commercial products (printers, extrusion cartridges, etc.) and create their working system through modification combined with design, fabrication and integration of unique parts. The capability of the system to print an interesting (tasty) design will depend as much on the “frosting” as the capability of the printer. The printer/frosting subteams will have additional support from various R&D based Engineers and Food Scientists.

More Information: 2017-Kellogg-Poptart

Students who successfully match to this project team will be required to sign the following two documents in January 2017:

Student IP Agreement for this Project Team
Student Non-Disclosure Agreement for this Project Team


How to Apply

Project Features

  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 5-7
  • Likely Majors A&D, ChE, CE, CS, ECE, EE, MSE, ME, SI
  • Course Substitutions EECS 498, CSE-G, EE MDE, SI, Honors, A&D Elec, ME 590, CE MDE, ECE Cognate
  • IP & NDA Required? Yes
  • Summer Opportunity Interview Guaranteed
  • Mechanical Design and Mechatronics (2 Students)

    Part Design, Mechatronic Controls, Extrusion, System Integration

    • Likely Majors: ME, CE, EE, ECE
  • Materials Development (2 Students)

    Rheology of complex systems (foods), Formulation

    • Likely Majors: MSE, ChE, ME
  • Android Programming (2 - 3 Students)

    General interest and skills in programming

    • Likely Majors: CSE/CS-LSA
  • User Interface Design (1 Student)

    UI/UX Design, usability studies, graphic design experience/interest desirable, interest in customer discovery

    • Likely Majors: Information (SI), A&D

Faculty Mentor: Steven Yalisove steven
Professor, MSE
Current research focuses on understanding the relationships between atomic structure and materials properties at surfaces and interfaces in a wide variety of material systems. To this end, the evolution of epitaxial and textured growth is engineered to produce nanostructured films with specific functional properties for applications in electronic materials, optical materials and tribological materials. Recent work includes the use of femtosecond lasers to deposit films as well as to control the kinetics on growing surfaces by irradiation of the substrate.
Sponsor Mentor: Simon Wangsimon2
Design and Innovation Catalyst, Global Commercial Business Solution
Simon graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008, with a B.S. in IOE. He has been with Kellogg’s for 4 years. Throughout the majority of his career at Kellogg’s, he has led global digital activations through managing the business relationship between global brands, their agencies, and the internal IT team. At the start of 2016, he joined the new Design and Innovation team within Kellogg’s IT.
Sponsor Mentor: Tia Cummingstia
Senior Brand Manager
Tia has been with Kellogg’s for more 4 years, working on Pop-Tarts. She has experience across the world of CPG through brands like L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, and P&G. Tia has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Hampton University, and a MBA from Purdue University.
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