Stochastic Pre-Ignition in Turbocharged Engines

Stochastic Pre-Ignition in Turbocharged Engines

Downsized boosted SIDI engines are capable of reducing light duty vehicle fuel consumption, and are likely a key element for 2025 CAFE fuel economy compliance.  Combustion occurs under high pressures within these engines, leading to the more frequent onset of limit phenomena such as stochastic pre-ignition (SPI) at low speeds and high loads.  Leading studies suggest that the SPI phenomena is initiated through localized hot spot ignition, for example hot spots associated with elevated component temperatures, deposit flakes or spurious oil droplets.  The process is thought to occur stochastically and the resulting end-gas auto-ignition phenomena consumes most to all of the fuel air mixture, producing excessive peak cylinder pressures and pressure rise rates, which can quickly lead to catastrophic engine failure.  As a result of the SPI limit phenomena, the full fuel economy potential of downsized boosted SIDI engines cannot be recognized.

Students who join this project team will develop a pressure model of the pressures seen by the piston during an SPI event. Then correlate the results to the current known failure mode of the piston, while providing feedback to the GM engine community at large.

More Information: 2017-GM2

Students who successfully match to this project team will be required to sign the following  document in January 2017:

Student Combined IP and Non-Disclosure Agreement for this Project Team


How to Apply

Project Features

  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 5-7
  • Likely Majors ISD-AUTO, ISD-GAME, ME, SI, STATS
  • Course Substitutions ME 490, AUTO 503, GAME 503, Honors, ME 590
  • IP & NDA Required? Yes
  • Summer Opportunity Interview Guaranteed
  • Modeling, Design, Simulation & Testing (3 Students)

    • Likely Majors: ME, ISD-AUTO, ISD-GAME
  • Data Analysis & Predictive Analytics (3 Students)

    • Likely Majors: Information (SI), STATS

Faculty Mentor: Jason Martz jasonmartz
Assistant Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor Mentor: Chris Reid chrisreid
Calibration Engineer
I am an outgoing person who is just finishing my two engineering degrees and looking forward to finally starting my career as an Engineer. I have always been interested in the Automotive field and I am looking to becoming an Automotive Engineer.
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