Development and Implementation of a Lean Assembly Line

Development and Implementation of a Lean Assembly Line

Formsprag is redesigning the assembly area of their large size clutch products and implementing a Lean production system. The Large Value Stream (LVS) consist of low volume, high mix production which includes customized clutch assemblies weighing up to 15,000 lbs. for use in mining applications. The assembly area consists of individual employee work benches where various hand tools and hand held power tools are used to assemble a clutch. Larger clutches that will not fit on a bench are assembled on heavy steel carts. Assembly operations such as painting and testing are completed in common areas. The current system is based on individual work stations.

The student team will deliver the design layout for a new moving line assembly process, participate in the implementation of new layout and new workbench formats, and validate the impact of the new system. The student team will develop an assembly line concept that will support 80% of the Large Value Stream sales/product volume. The solution should have a paced line with 1×1 flow that will reorganize/reformat the current individual operator workstations and process stations. A successful team is expected to participate in the transition of the assembly area to the new system.

More Information: 2017-Formsprag

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Students who successfully match to this project team will be required to sign the following two documents in January 2017:

Student IP Agreement for this Project Team
Student Non-Disclosure Agreement for this Project Team
How to Apply

Project Features

  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 6-8
  • Likely Majors IOE, ISD-GAME, ISD-MFG, KINES, ME
  • Course Substitutions MFG 503, GAME 503, Honors, IOE Capstone
  • IP & NDA Required? Yes
  • Summer Opportunity Interview Guaranteed
  • Lean Manufacturing (4 Students)

    Lean manufacturing principles and design

    • Likely Majors: IOE, ISD-MFG
  • Ergonomics (1-2 Students)

    • Likely Majors: IOE, KINES
  • Mechanical Engineering Design (1-2 Students)

    Basic mechanical design and fabrication, ME 250.

    • Likely Majors: ME, ISD-MFG, ISD-GAME

Faculty Mentor: Robert Ottolini2017 Stryker projects
Robert (Bob) Ottolini earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute (GMI), now Kettering University, in 1978 and his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1979. He is the former GM Europe Vice President, Quality. He also served as a member of the Europe Strategy Board. Prior to that he was Executive Director, Global Product Development Quality.
Faculty Mentor: A. Harvey Bell IVA. Harvey Bell IV
‎Professor of Engineering Practice and Co-Advisor, Multidisciplinary Design Program
Professor Bell served in the US Navy, after which he spent 39 years at General Motors. During his long successful career with GM, some of his significant achievements were chief engineering a Chevrolet Camaro and a Pontiac Firebird. He retired as the Executive Director of North American Advanced Vehicle Development. He is a Michigan graduate and undertook graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania.
Sponsor Mentor: Tim Mann2017 Stryker projects
ABS Facilitator (Lean Implementation Manager)
Tim has over 25 years of experience in Lean Manufacturing and during that time has held positions ranging from Process Engineer and Manufacturing Engineering Manager to Director of Lean Systems with direct responsibility for continuous improvement in 4 assembly/manufacturing facilities. Tim joined Formsprag in 2014 to lead the transformation to Lean and continuous improvement efforts. Some of the U of M faculty members that have mentored Tim and contributed directly to his professional development are John Shook, Mike Rother, Gene Goodson and Jeff Liker.
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